I’ve been asked this question many times, which prompts me to write this column. I’ve been training people in computers, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet applications, net banking,

Windows, all Reckon Accounts and MYOB products, etc., even the little, less known products out there, for bookkeeping and small business applications in business/farming/home use,

for over 20 years. I studied programming at Uni so have anintricate knowledge of how computers think.  I taught Piano to students (aged 4-74 years) before computers. NOW I JUST TEACH A DIFFERENT KIND OF KEYBOARD! I’ve also studied Systems Analysis and Small Business Management, I have a Diploma in Accounting, so can advise on the right system to buy for your home or business needs.

I am an Accredited Trainer in all Reckon products and a Professional Partner with MYOB. I sell both Reckon and MYOB products. I love to impart knowledge, and teach at the level of understanding of the student. People have indicated to me the need for professional help with their IT needs, and thought there was a lack of service in the area. NOT SO.  Enough about me,  I have great pleasure in announcing an ongoingcolumn.  I’ll be chatting about things I’ve found over the years which people struggle with, or could do with having a few hints about. Simply email me in the Contact Us area and I’ll be right at it.

I’ll introduce a forum for questions and answers to everyday questions any of you might have. If there’s anything you’d like me address particularly, I’d love to!  Please give me a call or email me with suggestions!

I hope you’ll enjoy our regular chIT chats.

Yours in IT,

Lesley Xerri